Debt Management Credit Counseling Corp.

A 501(C)(3) Not-for-Profit Organization


- Deferment/Forebearance
- Consolidation of Loans
- Income based Repayment

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If you are struggling to repay your student loan debt, there are options available that can provide relief. The available options depend on the type of loans you have, your current finances, your student loan history, and even your employment. Your options may include: Submit your contact information above to use our online calculator and discover your available options. A certified DMCC counselor will review your outstanding student loans to provide a recommended course of action at no charge. You may choose to implement the required action yourself or retain DMCC to assist you. DMCC fees for this service vary depending on the relief option you select, and are not based on the amount of your debt. If you choose to pursue your options on your own, DMCC will provide you with the necessary self-help information.

DMCC is a 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit organization. We are committed to educating consumers on financial issues and providing personal assistance to those who are overextended.